Urinary GAA for CCDD screening

Urinary GAA for CCDD screening

Cerebral creatine deficiency disorders (CCDD) are inherited metabolic disorders of creatine synthesis and transport. Urine creatine metabolite panel is helpful to identify these disorders. We reviewed electronic patient charts for all patients that underwent urine creatine metabolite panel testing in the metabolic laboratory at our institution. There were 498 tests conducted on 413 patients. Clinical, molecular genetics and neuroimaging features were available in 318 patients. Two new patients were diagnosed with creatine transporter deficiency: one female and one male, both had markedly elevated urine creatine. Urine creatine metabolite panel was also used as a monitoring test in our metabolic laboratory. Diagnostic yield of urine creatine metabolite panel was 0.67% (2/297). There were six known patients with creatine transporter deficiency. The prevalence of creatine transporter deficiency was 2.64% in our study in patients with neurodevelopmental disorders who underwent screening or monitoring of CCDS at our institution. Even though the diagnostic yield of urine creatine metabolite panel is low, it can successfully detect CCDD patients, despite many neurodevelopmental disorders are not a result of CCDD. To the best of our knowledge, this study is the first Canadian study to report diagnostic yield of urine creatine metabolite panel for CCDD from a single center.

Bahl S, Cordeiro D, MacNeil L, Schulze A, Mercimek-Andrews S. Urine creatine metabolite panel as a screening test in neurodevelopmental disorders. Orphanet J Rare Dis. 2020 Dec 2;15(1):339.

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