GAA promotes muscle development

GAA promotes muscle development

The aim of this study was to explore the molecular mechanisms through which different levels of GAA affect chicken muscle development by influencing miRNA expression, to lay a theoretical foundation for the identification of key functional small RNAs related to poultry muscle development, and to provide new insights into the regulatory mechanisms of GAA on muscle development and meat quality in broilers. It provides a new theoretical basis for using GAA as a feed additive to improve feed performance. Small RNA sequencing technology was utilized to obtain the expression profiles of miRNA in the broiler pectoral muscle fed with different levels of GAA (0 g/kg, 1.2 g/kg and 3.6 g/kg). An analysis of differentially expressed miRNAs revealed 90 such miRNAs in the three combination comparisons, with gga-miR-130b-5p exhibiting significant differences across all three combinations. Furthermore, three of the differentially expressed miRNAs were performed by RT-qPCR verification, yielding results consistent with those obtained from small RNA sequencing. Target gene prediction, as well as the GO and KEGG enrichment analysis of differentially expressed miRNAs, indicated their involvement in muscle cell differentiation and other processes, particularly those associated with the MAPK signaling pathway. This study has, thus, provided valuable insights and resources for the further exploration of the miRNA molecular mechanism underlying the influence of guanidine acetic acid on broiler muscle development. Combined with previous studies and small RNA sequencing, adding 1.2 g/kg GAA to the diet can better promote the muscle development of broilers.

Liu M, Li M, Ruan J, Jia J, Ge C, Cao W. Analysis of microRNA Expression Profiles in Broiler Muscle Tissues by Feeding Different Levels of Guanidinoacetic Acid. Current Issues in Molecular Biology. 2024; 46(4):3713-3728.

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