GAA improves growth performance

GAA improves growth performance

Guanidinoacetic acid (GAA) exists naturally as a precursor of creatine, which possesses several biological functions. In the present study, the effects of dietary GAA supplementation on skeletal muscle mass and meat quality of lambs were investigated. The GAA supplementation increased final body weight, promoted muscle mass and changed the distribution of myofiber size. Meanwhile, elevated ultimate pH and water holding capacity (WHC) of resulting meat were observed in GAA fed lambs. Moreover, the total antioxidative capacity was elevated. Dietary GAA accelerated myofibril protein synthesis through regulation with IGF-1/Akt/mTOR signaling pathway and minimized protein breakdown via regulating abundances of myostatin and phosphorylated FoxO1. In vitro, GAA treatment inhibited sheep primary myoblasts proliferation, and enhanced its myogenic potential. Collectively, these results suggested that GAA might be a feed additive for use by the lamb meat industry as it has potential to improve growth performance, antioxidant status and WHC of resulting meat.

Li X, Liu X, Song P, Zhao J, Zhang J, Zhao J. Skeletal muscle mass, meat quality and antioxidant status in growing lambs supplemented with guanidinoacetic acid. Meat Sci. 2022 Jul 13;192:108906.

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