GAA ameliorates transport stress in broilers

GAA ameliorates transport stress in broilers

This study evaluated the effects of dietary guanidinoacetic acid (GAA) on growth performance, plasma variables, muscle energy status, glycolytic potential, and meat quality of broilers experiencing transport stress during the summer. A total of 320 28-day-old male Arbor Acres broilers were randomly allotted to 3 dietary treatments, including a GAA-free basal control diet (160 birds) and basal diet supplementation with 600 (80 birds) or 1,200 mg/kg (80 birds) GAA for 14 D. On the morning of day 42, after an 8-h fast, the birds fed basal diets were divided into 2 equal groups, and all birds in the 4 groups of 80 birds were transported according to the following protocols: 1) a 0.5-h transport of birds on basal diets (as a lower-stress control group), 2) a 3-h transport of birds on basal diets, and a 3-h transport of birds on basal diets supplemented with either 3) 600 or 4) 1,200 mg/kg GAA. The results revealed that dietary supplementation with GAA at 600 and 1,200 mg/kg for 14 D prior to slaughter did not affect growth performance, carcass traits, and most textural characteristics and chemical composition of the pectoralis major (PM) muscle (P > 0.05). In the GAA-free group, a 3-h transport increased the broiler live weight loss, elevated the plasma corticosterone concentration, decreased the plasma glucose concentration, muscle concentrations of ATP, creatine and energy charge value, increased the muscle AMP concentration and AMP/ATP ratio, and accelerated glycolysis metabolism, which resulted in inferior meat quality (lower pH and higher drip loss, P < 0.05). However, dietary addition of GAA at 1,200 mg/kg increased the mRNA expression of S-adenosyl-l-methionine: N-guanidino-acetate methyltransferase in the liver and creatine transporter in both the liver and PM muscle. It also elevated muscle concentrations of creatine and phosphocreatine (P < 0.05), which helps improve meat quality by ameliorating the 3-h transport-induced muscle energy expenditure and delaying anaerobic glycolysis of broilers.

Zhang L, Li JL, Wang XF, Zhu XD, Gao F, Zhou GH. Attenuating effects of guanidinoacetic acid on preslaughter transport-induced muscle energy expenditure and rapid glycolysis of broilers. Poult Sci. 2019;98(8):3223-3232. doi:10.3382/ps/pez052

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