Formation of creatine from GAA in pancreas

Formation of creatine from GAA in pancreas

Several investigators established that 2 enzymes are involved in biosynthesis of creatine. Arginine + glycine = guanidinoacetate + ornithine. Guanidinoacetate + S-adenosylmethionine = creatine + S-adenosyl- homocysteine. The first enzyme, arginine- glycine transamidinase, has long been known to occur in mammalian kidney , while the second enzyme, guanidinoacetate methylferase, has been found in liver. [TRUNCATED]

Walker JB, Walker MS. Formation of creatine from guanidinoacetate in pancreas. Proc Soc Exp Biol Med. 1959 Aug-Sep;101:807-9.

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