Clinical study of GAA and betaine in arthritis

Clinical study of GAA and betaine in arthritis

Twenty-two patients with arthritis received 5 gm of glycocyamine and 20.16 gm of betaine by mouth daily, in hospital and after discharge, for periods ranging from 13 to 42 days. A control group of 22 patients, indistinguishable from the treated group, were maintained on the same regimen and given placebos resembling the agents under study. The condition of each patient was evaluated clinically before, during and after treatment, and x-ray and metabolic studies were made. No significant improvement attributable to the use of the drugs was observed.

Higgins AR, Harper HA, Kline EF, et al. Effects of creatine precursors in arthritis; clinical and metabolic study of glycocyamine and betaine. Calif Med. 1952;77(1):14-18.

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