GAA and other amino acids in poultry nutrition

The ideal protein concept has allowed progress in defining requirements as well as the limiting order of amino acids in corn, soybean meal, and a corn-soybean meal mixture for growth of young chicks. Recent evidence suggests that glycine (or serine) is a key limiting amino acid in reduced protein [23% crude protein (CP) reduced to […]

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Analysis of GAA in creatine deficiency syndromes

In recent years, three inherited defects in the biosynthesis and transport of creatine have been described. The biosynthetic defects include deficiencies of L-arginine:glycine amidinotransferase and guanidinoacetate methyltransferase. The third defect is a functional defect in the creatine transporter (SLC6A8). Clinical symptoms of the three defects vary in severity, are aspecific and include mental retardation with […]

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GAA and other guanidino compounds in the brain

Guanidino compounds of guanidinoethanesulfonic acid, guanidinoacetic acid, guanidinosuccinic acid, N-acetylarginine, beta-guanidinopropionic acid, creatinine, gamma-guanidinobutyric acid, arginine, guanidine, methylguanidine, homoarginine and alpha-guanidinoglutaric acid are present in the mammalian brain. These guanidino compounds except for arginine and guanidine induce seizures and convulsions in rat, rabbit and cat by intracisternal injection. Hirudonine, audonine, alpha-keto-delta-guanidinovaleric acid, N,N’-dibenzoylguanidine and phenylethylguanidine […]

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