Methionine-GAA for growth and nitrogen retention

Nitrogen retention and growth by weanling rats pair-fed a 12% casein diet containing 1% of methionine and 1% of glycocyamine was significantly increased above that of the controls fed 12% casein alone or with a 1% DL-methionine supplement. The excretion of urea plus ammonia nitrogen was approximately the same for all groups. [TRUNCATED] Baron H. […]

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GAA-betaine affects high-energy phosphate in muscle

A single dose of glycocyamine and betaine increased the creatine phosphate levels in the skeletal muscles of adult rats to a slight but statistically significant extent. The creatine phosphate returned to control values between 6 and 12 days. Daily ingestion of glycocyamine over a 98-day period produced the same, but no greater increase, in creatine […]

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