Capillary electrophoresis UV-detection for GAA assay

Capillary electrophoresis UV-detection for GAA assay

Guanidinoacetic acid (GAA) measurement has recently become of great interest for the diagnosis of creatine (Cn) metabolism disorders, and research calls for rapid and inexpensive methods for its detection in plasma and urine in order to assess a large number of patients. We propose a new assay for the measurement of GAA by a simple CZE UV-detection without previous sample derivatization. Plasma samples were filtered by Microcon-10 microconcentrators and directly injected into the capillary, while for urine specimens a simple water dilution before injection was needed. A baseline separation was obtained in less than 8 min using a 60.2 cm x 75 microm uncoated silica capillary, 75 mmol/L Tris-phosphate buffer pH 2.25 at 15 degrees C. The performance of the developed method was assessed by measuring plasma creatinine and Cn in 32 normal subjects and comparing the data obtained by the new method with those found with the previous CE assay. Our new method seems to be an inexpensive, fast and specific tool to assess a large number of patients both in clinical and in research laboratories.

Zinellu A, Sotgia S, Zinellu E, Chessa R, Deiana L, Carru C. Assay for the simultaneous determination of guanidinoacetic acid, creatinine and creatine in plasma and urine by capillary electrophoresis UV-detection. J Sep Sci. 2006 Mar;29(5):704-8.

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